About the company

Based in New York City and founded in 2000, Brown Saddle Documentary Productions creates documentary films, non-fiction television programing and other media seeking solutions to the most serious issues facing humanity.


About the founder

Founder and owner Kristina Leigh Copeland's most recent film is the 2012 investigative documentary The Wall Street Conspiracy. This hard-hitting work exposes some of the serious flaws in the U.S. regulatory system that let to the 2008 global financial crisis.


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Brown Saddle Productions

Brown Saddle documentaries

Brown Saddle produces groundbreaking films to address the most urgent social, economic and environmental issues of our time.


Brown Saddle television

Brown Saddle creates TV shows that explore the exciting world of documentary filmmaking, showcasing films and filmmakers, creating community, and working for a more sustainable, just future.



Brown Saddle Backstory

The Backstory Show is an interview show about the inspiration for a film, and the trials, tribulations and triumphs her fellow filmmakers encountered along the way.


Pinnacle Show

The Pinnacle Show is a dynamic televised forum that showcases the community that forms around a film. By including the filmmakers and their subjects was well as other journalists and experts, the show will deepen the conversation sparked by the film and amplify its potential for change.